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I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, and a creative free spirit. I first opened Lil’ Buttons Photography with the goal of spending more time with my son in mind. I no longer wanted to be tied to a nine to five career. I couldn’t have imagined then how passionate I would become about this field and the families I work with. I don’t just like working with newborns; I love it. I cannot imagine my life without newborn photography in it. I’m so blessed to be able to create these special memories for my clients.

Having my son and watching him grow has been both beautiful and heartbreaking. He changes so quickly and every day slips by faster than I would like. I look at his newborn pictures and it feels like it was just yesterday that I was navigating new motherhood. I’m so grateful for those images because I can look at them and remember how tiny his little hands and feet were, the way he would smile a half smile while he was dreaming, the little flakes on his face that signified his newness. It has become not only my passion, but my mission to provide families with these types of memories and art they will cherish for a lifetime.

I stock my studio with gorgeous and safe props that are also eco-friendly and responsibly sourced (no irritating fibers for my lil’ buttons!) No need to worry about what to bring to your session. All you need do is show up and be ready to relax!

You’ll absolutely fall in love with my hand selected heirloom products from the moment you get to see and touch them in our first in-person consultation. I carry a beautiful line of custom albums, gallery wraps, fine-art prints, and a few exclusive items that you’ll only find at my studio! They’re as beautiful as they are environmentally kind.

It is my goal to provide you with an incredible full-service experience from start to finish. I limit the number of clients I take on so that you receive my undivided attention. Boutique photography is as much about the client service and experience as it is the final products. You should be wowed from the first interaction to the last.

Your little ones are only this small once. Let’s work together to turn your cherished memories into cherished art.



Charles 2017-05-29
My wife suggested newborn photography and, I’ll be honest guys, I didn’t get it at first. I figured all babies look the same when they’re born so what was the point? I was wrong. Lil’ Buttons Photography and Jessica were able to encapsulate such a significant, brief point in our son’s existence while also capturing his personality. I look at these photos now and already can’t believe he was ever that small or delicate. As I would later realize these photos weren’t just for my wife or for me, but also for our extended family. They didn’t get to see him much in the first few weeks due to distance so being able to give them these moments were absolutely worth it. The photoshoot was easy going. We got to sit in a quiet place and watch television for a few hours— something that my wife and I had not been able to do with just us since the baby had come home. It provided some much needed relaxation. Jessica was fun to chat with and you can tell she doesn’t see her photography as work. It’s definitely something she is highly passionate about and she strives for perfection in every aspect of her work. If you’re considering getting newborn photos, do it, and go with Jessica. You won’t be disappointed.


Phylisha 2017-05-29 
There are so many aspects of our newborn photography with Jessica that I enjoyed. Being a first-time mom, there a lot of factors when considering a newborn photographer that one worries about or doesn’t even realize one will feel. When I first met with Jessica, I was 25 weeks pregnant and uncertain of even wanting newborn photos. Looking through her work, it was obvious how much passion she puts into her photos. They are not just pictures but works of art. She utilizes small businesses for anything she outsources so you know you’re getting something unique that you won’t find mass produced. Jessica was also incredible in her discussion of her process, pricing, and scheduling. Her straight-forward pricing was particularly appreciated because many other places I had spoken to wouldn’t tell me upfront what pictures would cost. I felt other places were hoping to prey on the emotional attachment to pictures to upsell. Jessica was also wonderful at scheduling. My newborn came three weeks early and then had jaundice so we had to move our shoot a couple of times within the first week and at no point was I made to feel like I was inconveniencing her. As a mother herself, Jessica was fully empathetic and made me feel completely at ease with changing our plans (and even talked me through some of my first week worries!) The shoot itself was wonderful. It was like Jessica was an old friend and we were just hanging out at her home while she took the pictures. Let me tell you, she is a magician and has an eye for capturing such sweet, tender moments of your child that mere mortals cannot see. It’s only been a few weeks since we got our photos back and our son already looks so different that these photos are pure treasures. I also felt completely comfortable with her handling my child—she was gentle, loving, and skillful in every movement with him. And patient! My son would not cooperate with his hands and she just kept at it for several hours until she got every shot she wanted. She even got some beautiful shots of us as a family and made me feel beautiful (even without make up and on so little sleep with a newborn). I highly recommend Jessica. I can’t wait to hire her for future sessions with my current child and any future children!
Katie 2016-02-25 
I highly recommend Lil Buttons Photography as I know you will not be disappointed! As I sit here looking at the beautiful picture on the wall of our son, I immediately have a beaming smile! It’s amazing how fast your baby grows and changes, you always hear people say that but you don’t really understand it until you have your own child. Having newborn pictures done was one of the best decisions we made and even better that we choose the right photographer for us. I am so grateful that we found Jessica, we love the special moments that she captured. Jessica was such a pleasure to work with, and I felt very comfortable handing over my 12 day old son to her. She truly has a passion for what she does and it shows in her work! Jessica was very professional and always responded to my emails in a timely manner. I love that she offers a consultation beforehand so when the actual day arrives you feel at ease. She even sent me a list of things to do leading up to the photo shoot so we were well prepared. I loved all the props and clothing that she had; we didn’t have to bring a thing! We also loved the products she has to offer, very nice quality! We ordered a beautiful custom album that she designed as well as some wall art. Again we are so happy that we choose Lil Buttons Photography as we will forever cherish our baby boys newborn photos.
Ciji 2015-06-08
Jess is just overall fantastic when it comes to newborn photography. She finds out what you like and what themes might fit you best and comes up with the cutest backdrops, props, and outfits to suit your style. She is super loving and careful with your baby, ever so gently posing them in the cutest poses! Her patience is off the charts, I couldn't believe how much work it was to keep the baby sleeping while also posing them, it truly speaks volumes for how much she loves what she does. All of our photos came out fantastic, we loved them so much, we ordered an album to cherish those memories forever. Her goal to keep the baby as the main focus point is evident, every picture accents your baby and their sweet, tiny, newborn features. Anyone looking for a newborn photographer doesn't need to look any further than here. Lil' Buttons Photography is the best!
Ness. 2015-06-03
Jess is a dedicated mother and photographer - her passion shows through her amazing work. The sense you get when you view her work invokes a sense of soft, new warmth, the glowing of just blossoming growth - everything you should get when you see well done photography of newborns. Her experience with children is superb, and her tactfulness is on the spot - were you to look for someone to help you capture those precious first days of life, you'd not need to look any farther than Jess :)






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