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Two Shots Photography LLC

Two Shots Photography is located in a beautiful, refurbished mill building in downtown Nashua. Our building is right next to the Nashua River, and the property is brimming with beauty and character.

Inside our studio, you will find a cozy lounge area where you can make yourself comfortable and even “move right in” for the duration of your session. We have 3 fully operating shooting areas with a multitude of adorable props. We have the cutest little outfits for little’s, including tu-tu’s, dresses, rompers, little vests, headbands, hats- you name it- Even beautiful maternity gowns with accessories for our new moms! We are proud to provide such a variety and strive to make your session unique to you!

The Daughter

A soft spoken, smiling shorty who maybe giggles too much (is there such a thing?!). Erin prefers a sunrise over a sunset even though she struggles to remove herself from the comfy warm covers on any given morning. She values close relationships and coffee, and you can find her singing way too loud in the car. She is a big fan of dancing, but it is definitely not her specialty! She believes everyone is an artist and their greatest masterpiece is life.


The Mother

Outgoing and happy as can be, this mom just loves to chit chat. Having grown up in Florida, Maria just loves the sunshine! Her favorite thing to do is travel. She loves wild horses and can’t go a day without her Dunkins Iced Tea! A total 80’s girl, she just has to have her rock n’ roll! You’ll find her snuggled up on the couch with her fur babies because that is obviously the best seat in the house! She has a heart of gold and just loves to make people smile.


The Duo

It goes without saying that this mother-daughter duo is big on family. Mother, daughter, co workers and best friends, Maria and Erin have a special bond that you can feel from a mile away. With two creative minds working together to make your experience magical, our goal is that you leave our studio feeling like a friend more than a client.