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Tara Ruby Photography

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…it’s a new love.

There is no way to explain immediate love that a new mom feels the first time she feels the butterfly sensation inside of her belly. And that love grows and grows as the sensation turns into kicks and movements and summersaults. The pain that a mom feels during delivery quickly fades into such grand emotion as she holds her brand new baby in her arms for the first time. She counts fingers and toes and rubs her nose against their tiny nose over and over again.  And just when she thought she couldn’t love any more than she already did, her love grows as she watches her baby roll over, and love mixes with pride. Her baby pulls up onto all fours and gently rocks back and forth until brave enough to crawl. Life goes by so fast at this point and before everyone knows it her baby is up walking, then running and then talking. As she celebrates birthdays and other physical accomplishments she can’t seem to explain how her love for this little grows more and more every day.  If only she could slow down time. If only she could capture this moment for ever….

My goal as a photographer is to help capture this moment. As a photographer I can freeze time. I can’t make your baby stay small, but I can help you remember this moment exactly as we saw it happen for the rest of both of your lives. I can help capture the way your belly expanded as your baby grew inside of you. We can capture the “glow” that every new mom has and we can remember just how amazing maternity was for you. I can help you capture every moment of your birth story, from you pushing and breathing through contractions with your husband right there by your side. I can capture your baby’s first breath, their first cry and the first time you held them close to your chest.  I can capture the first few days of your baby’s life, when the focus is on all of their small little parts, like nose, toes and fingers. We can personalize those moments by using items that are near and dear to you. As your baby grows, I can capture those moments too.  Your baby’s ability to hold up their head, to sit up on their own and to be able to stand unassisted. I can even help you capture their first birthday cake in style with a fun cake smash. As your baby becomes a toddler we can capture the important photos such as Easter and Christmas photos and then baby photos become child portraits and family portraits. It is amazing to be able to compare how big they are this year compared to last year.

Time doesn’t stop ….  There is no away around that. But through my lens, I can help you freeze it in individual moments. Moments that can never be had again. Moments that were fleeting for you as it happened but a perfect portrait to treasure forever by me.

Let me help you capture your memories one moment at a time. Memories that can be passed down generations from now. Memories that help you remember all of the special moments in your life, in your family’s life and in your children’s life.