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Dana Rae Photography

Hello!! I’m Dana, owner of Dana Rae Photography. Most days you can find me at home raising my two beautiful children (and searching for frogs with them). A couple of years ago I read the most amazing book by Erin Davis called Beyond Bath Time. It totally helped shape my view of how I wanted to be as a mom. The thing that stuck with me the most is the quote “Motherhood is a mission”. It is my mantra. Now don’t get me wrong, I still fall short every single day. But, by God’s grace, I get to try again the next day. I am super passionate about being a mom and raising my kids to be world changers. Whether they do this by saving the planet or just being good people, that is my mission and it is a great one. Being a wife and mom are my #1 jobs and I take them pretty seriously! I just recently celebrated 10 years of marriage to my handsome husband.

I am probably known best for being an honest person. I consider myself pretty loyal and hold my integrity to pretty high standards. I love my family and friends dearly and would do anything for them. I am a bit of an introverted extrovert. I’m social, but most of the time I’m a homebody. I’m a total science nerd and I actually majored in marine biology. That was going to be my career until I realized that it wasn’t lining up with the kind of mom I wanted to be. Now I get to raise my kiddos and share my love of science with my 4-year old son as we home school and discover nature.

When I’m not wearing my mommy hat, well let’s be honest you never really take that one off, I teach dance a few nights a week at a local studio. Dance was my first love and I’ve been doing it since age 6. I still love the thrill of being on stage and I love teaching my students. I’m super passionate about instilling in them that they are beautiful and talented no matter what stage they are at. I love seeing them learn, grow and build their confidence.

I am a lifestyle photographer and I love capturing families and children in their comfortable, every day moments. I believe it’s important to document life just as it is at that moment in time. I love coffee in the morning, mint chocolate chip ice cream, seafood, Jesus, and the beach. I’m a total science nerd and will randomly share facts I know about animals and nature!